Karl Beamer

Professor Karl Beamer teaches in the Art Department of Bloomsburg State University, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Written by his brother
Shiho Kanzaki

Anagama Fired Stoneware
with Natural-Ash-Deposit

Artist's Statement

My works are primarily vessels. I approach the making , knowing that I have every opportunity to develop the sculptural ideas I favor.

I live intuitively and work intuitively. All things have affected how I feel in response. As a result, I must have control, but at the same time be willing to accept the power of nature. So it is my way to be in control of myself and my work while fully realizing that water, earth, wind and fire and other natural phenomenons[ gravity, centrifugal force, time and movement].are surely assertive in the outcome.

The works can be characterized as traditional vessels. I prefer asymmetrical to symmetrical,gesture to rote, and the forms are made by tradition, but finished as a collaborative effect between my preferences and nature.

In the final stages of construction, the works are bent, paddled, stretched, poked, handled, pulled, and brought to life. The intention is for the form to have vital gestures, suggesting a power in movement and disposition.

The relative roundness of the work is a resolution in storytelling. One can begin their journey anywhere on the works and rotate full circle having always experienced new and exciting things, just as we journey through life.

Copyright (c) 1996 by Karl Beamer All Right Reserved

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