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Japanese traditional wood firing by Shiho Kanzaki.
The latest firing and unloading day.

I would like to show you
"the latest firing (from Dec.17th to 27th, 2002) and a scene of unloading day (Jan. 5th, 2003)."
Seven persons including two peoples from other countries joined this firing.
Two is Mr. Claude Gagnon (from Canada) and Evan Shaw (from Taiwan).
I am grateful to everybody for their assistance.

Starting a fire on the evening of Dec. 17th, 2002.

Mr. Claude Gagnon was stoking.

Mr. Claude Gagnon and Mr. Evan Shaw.

Seventh day. In the fire Box. The temparature reached around 1,300 centigrade.

On the final day.

Bright fire flame appeared from the chimney with a rumble since fifth day.

Unloading day, Jan. 5th, 2003

Just after I opened the lid of fire mouth.

All of the participant took some photographs of my works in the fire box freely.

Unloading started.
Many fired works were put in front of the kiln side by side though you can't see.

Moved the works to my studio.

Starting to finishing of the works by helpers.

I got like this works.

Over 100 peaces were great!

Like this.

The big insence burner is great. I like it.

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