Hibikido's anagama construction and the first firing

I (Yasuhiro Hora) am a builder of anagama kiln and built about ten anagama kilns in Japan. And I am teaching the firing method. On the other hand, I am enchanted by Shiho Kanzaki's work and want to learn the difference between his firing method and mine.
I helped his firing from a loading to an unloading when Mr. Shiho Kanzaki had his ten-day anagama firing in December, 2001.
Three persons including me helped his firing. One person was Mr. Hironobu Ogawa and the other was Ms. Miyako Nakane.
I learned the delicacy of an anagama during the firing. And I was surprised to see what the kiln changed the expression after adjusting a little air.
Ms. Miyako Nakane who was an assistant of the firing with me wrote her message titled "the record of my experience" on BBS. I felt simiraly her message. Please read her record.

The work which came out of the kiln was over my expectation. So I asked Mr. Shiho Kanzaki, "I would like to introduce the anagama kiln which you designed and the firing method what I learned from you to other persons." He readily agreed to my request quickly.
And he said to me, "you should have your own anagama kiln which I designed, and should have a firing. I will help you."
Then I started to build my anagama kiln from the early of February, 2002. The kiln was completed on March 17.
During that time, Ms. Miyako Nakane and Mr. Jeff Jewell helped this kiln structure.
Mr. Shiho Kanzaki, Hironobu Ogawa, Miyako Nakane and Takusuke Kawasaki did the loading from April 18 to 21. And we lit the anagama at April 21.
Mr. Kanzaki told me, " I will open the whole story (construction, loading, a firing, unloading) of this kiln in my home page."

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