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A firing of Shiho and a way of his firing

The 1st day, 18:00
I begin to make a fire from the outside of a kiln

From the 1st day to the 2nd day.
Gradually put firewoods into the kiln

The 2nd day.
A flame is entering into a kiln powerfully.

The temperature reaches about 300 C.
At the evening of the 2nd day,
I stop stoking the lower fire-mouth
and begin stoking through the upper fire- mouth.

The 3rd day
Sight in daytime, around 900 C.

The 3rd day
Stoking through the upper fire- mouth.

The 3rd day. at 21:00

The 3rd day. at 21:00
Just after the stoking.
Confirming slight flame from the chimney
that is seen in this photograph.
The flame from the chimney is changing from now.

The 4th day, 16:00
The works in a fire box has begun to melt.

The 4th day, 17:00

The 4th day, 23:50
The flame of the chimney has become bright.
The pira flame may be seen in tomorrow.

The 5th day, 17:00
A view of Shiho's studio.

The 5th day, 23:45
The pira flame's coming out of the chimney.

The 8th day, 20:45
A large flame begins to rise from a chimney.

The 8th day, 21:30
Inside of the fire box.

The 8th day, 21:30
A view of the kiln.

From the 8th day to the final day,
the same condition is maintained.