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Other Anagama and Ceramics sites

Sites for Anagama

The Log Book
The International Newsletter for Woodfirers and those interested in Woodfired Ceramics

Dick Lehman's Home Page
Available to visit Dick Lehman's home page since Nov.21.2000.

Uwe Lollmanns's Home Page
His work, fired up to 10 days in an anagama-kiln, is well known among collectors.

Tokoname (Tokonabe) Ware
This is a series of references on the Tokomane Pottery.


Japan window ceramics

Sites for Ceramics

Japanese Pottery
I offer fine anitque and contemporary Japanese pottery from Japan. Do have a look sometime- yoroshiku! Robert Yellin

Clay Net
a forum for Australian and International Ceramic Art on the Web.

NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University

Bill Buckner's Clay and the Arts Site!

The University of Montana
Museum of Fine Arts: The Rudy Autio Contemporary Ceramic Collection

The Prodigy system:
Crafts Connection Web Page and the Crafts 1 and 2 Bulletin Boards

The Potter's Page
dedicated to all those interested in the ancient art of making clay pots

Kilnman Link Sites

WWW Virtual Library: Ceramics

VCE : The Virtual Ceramics Exhibition

a gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture.

The CraftWEB Project!

Crafts Connection Web Page and the Crafts 1 and 2 Bulletin Boards

The Potters' Society of Australia Page.

Arcadia Studios in Australia
The Studios of Leonard and Lindy Smith.

Morgan Pitelka's Ceramics Links

The Crafts Council UK

Ceramics: Art and Perception
aims to set the standard as a dedicated magazine on ceramic art.


Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park

Welcome to The Kyoto Shimbun
Information of Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture

Shigaraki-cho, a Town Which Cares about Human Rights,
Has Been Presented a Certificate from a U.S. NGO - The Shigaraki-cho Youth House is praised.

Dick Lehman Virtual Ceramics Exhibit

Lycos catalog

World Wide Arts Resources
The comprehensivearts registry on the WWW.

NRP World Wide Web Yellow Pages

WWW Serch Com

Alta Vista

Yahoo Ceramics

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