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40th edition: Jan.,10,2010

Shiho Kanzaki's Video Shiho Kanzaki's Video.
Have fun!

38th edition: Aug.,01,2009

Shiho Kanzaki is open a Blog. The title is A lesured old potter, Shiho's talking over tea #2.(Weblog)
Have fun!

37rd edition: Feb.,18,2009

Shiho Kanzaki's Internet Direct Gallery is renewed.
Have fun!

36rd edition: Jan.,20,2008

Shiho Kanzaki's Internet Direct Gallery is renewed.
Have fun!

35th edition: Aug.,08,2007

The Fire Artist DVD Release
Zuno Films is proud to announce that the DVD of it's first Documentary production will be available for sale on August 6th. Please check the Shiho Kanzaki's Dirct Gallery to purchase your copy.

34rd edition: Nov.,21,2006

Shiho Kanzaki's Internet Direct Gallery is renewed.
Have fun!

33rd edition: Feb., 9,2006

A lesured old man, Shiho's talking over tea. (Weblog)
I show my diary from today. I wrote my weblog in Japanese site for long days. This time the site renew, then I decided to open my weblog in English site. Have fun!

32nd edition: Aug.,13,2004

The Seventh exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki is open!
Mr. Claude Gagnon will be shooting his movie, "KAMATAKI", from this month to the early of Nov. in Shigaraki, especialy at Shiho's kiln site.
Claude Gagnon; Writer / Director
He spent the seventies in Japan. Winning awards all over the world as a writer/director, Gagnon also produced and distributed several quality films for the last two decades. "KAMATAKI" will be his eight feature film.

31st edition: Jan.,6,2003

The latest firing and unloading day.
I had the latest firing since Dec. 17th to 27th. I wold show you the firing and my works coming from the kiln.

30th edition: Jan.,3,2003

The Sixth exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki is open!

29th edition: Apr.,25,2002

Hibikidou's anagama construction and the firing has established in my home page. Click here
You can see the detail of anagama kiln construction and the first firing.
He has his first firing since April 21. It will be finishing around April 30.
The page must give you the information of the firing day by day. And also you can see the seen of unloading and the works coming from the kiln.
The kiln will be opening on May 9 or 10.

28th edition: Apr.,17,2002

The 5th exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki is open! Since April 17, 2002 to the end of September.

27th edition: Jan.,18,2002

I received many questions about a way of the anagama firing. I established new site, called "Shiho Kanzaki's anagama firing".

I had a ten-day firing since Dec. 20th to 29th. And I opened the kiln on Jan. 6th. I show the last flame coming out of the chimney, a view of unloading day and the latest of my work. I called the site as Final chapter of Shiho's firing.

26th edition: Jan.,08,2002

The fourth exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki is open!

Newly, the site of a BBS board and Shiho Kanzaki's News letter were established.

25th edition: Oct.,11,2001

Established Chuck Hinde's Page.

24th edition: Oct.,4,2001

Updated Chester Nealie's Page. Added 13 images and Updated articles.

23th edition: August.,23,2001

New page's established : Collected articles on my home page.

22th edition: August.,5,2001

Karl Beamer's Firing in Shigaraki

21th edition: July.,1,2001

Web_Links for your own Home Page is opened.

20th edition: June.,29,2001

The third exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki is open! since 29/June./2001

19th edition: March.,12,2001

Updated Dick Lehman's Page #1 Wood-Firing. Renewed 66 images.

18th edition: Feb.,6,2001

The second exhibition of Shiho Kanzaki on S.D.G is open until Apr.,10,24:00,2001.

17th edition: Jan.,17,2001

Updated Dick Lehman's Page #2 Side-Firing. Added 60 images.

16th edition: Dec.,21,2000

Updated Dick Lehman's Page #3 Saggar-Firing. Added 36 images.

15th edition: Nov.,27,2000

Updated Jeff Shapiro's Page. Added 15 images.

14th edition: Nov.,14,2000

Karl Beamer's story and photos of his work carried on the cover of Ceramics Monthly, Nov.2000 issue. Available to read the article written by Dick Lehman in Karl Beamer's Page.

13th edition: Oct.,21,2000

Available to read Mr. Matsuyama's resume on his page.

12th edition: Oct.,18,2000

Mr. Matsuyama's artist's statement in English is available on his page.

11th edition: Oct.,10,2000

BBS: Ceramics Arts in English is opened. You can send your message with a light heart. Have Fun!

10th edition: Oct.,5,2000

The site's made a complete revision to take advantage moving from Biwa Lobe to my own domain;

9th edition: Feb.,2,1998

The site of Conversation about Ceramics Arts in English is renewal and moved to my home server. If you'd like to, you can receive automatic e-mail notification of new posts!

8th edition: Jan.,13,1998

This site has established two new pages.
Your ceramics-related web page link. [Submit Your Own Ceramics Link. ] &
Guest Book.

The seventh edition: Feburary 11,1997

Adding Dick Lehman's another works and the detail of his publications to his home page.

I have opened Jeff Shapiro's home page.


The sixth edition: July 19,1996

I have opened Ceramic Arts Bulletin Board System titled "Conversations About Ceramic Arts In English". This bulletin board is for all of you. Let's write messages.

Unfortunately the page of "Information of The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park" is closed. Because it is hard to get it from The Shigaraki Cultural Park.

The fifth edition: July 14,1996

I have established the mirror site of my home page on the BiwakoWeb.

Please bookmark the Mirror site address:

The fourth edition: May 28,1996

Firing Peter H. Voulkos' Work in the Anagama

At the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, 1995 by Peter Callas

The third edition: May 18,1996

Virtual Exhibition of Mr. Peter H. Voulkos

You can see the greatest American artist Peter H. Voulkos's works on this site.

The second edition: May 12,1996

Mr. Peter H. Voulkos is having his workshop since May 2 to May 24, 1996 at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Tougei-no-Mori) in Shigaraki, Shiga, Japan.

The first edition: April 25,1996

Why have I established a home page?

I am a potter making traditional Japanese pottery by working with the oldtraditional methods. At the same time I also use a computer, which is amongthe most modern of tools. The bringing together of these two very differentways of working creates a bit of confusion for some people.
In addition, many people have expressed doubts about establishing virtualexhibition sites on the Internet. They express their concerns by remindingus that to appreciate the art of pottery it is important to see the realworks, to get a feeling for the pieces by touching the pots, and to feel theweight of the pieces in our hands.
I understand these concerns and am sensitive to them. But I have remindedmyself that over the years I have published books about my works, and havepublished many exhibition catalogs, in just the same way that other pottershave. I believe that it is accurate to say that these books are also"virtual" in nature. With this in mind, I made a decision to establish thishome page.

In 1987 I opened the "Biwa Communication Network" (or "Biwa-Com" as it cameto be called), using a personal computer. The number of Biwa-Com membersnow totals more than 2000.

In 1991, one of my friends, Mr. Izumi Aizu, placed a message on the Biwa-Combulletin board. The message was as follows: "Mr. Depo, the Town Administratorof Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, will be coming to Japan in an effort toestablish a "sister-city" relationship with a Japanese city. He will bemeeting with some of the mayors of Shiga prefecture. And I am looking forsomeone to host him during his visit to Shiga prefecture."I readily agreed to this request, and hosted Mr. Depo during the month ofMarch while he made visits in Shiga and Kyoto. I shared several of myexhibition catalogs and books with Mr. Depo. He, in turn, took the booksback with him to Bloomsburg where he shared them with Professor Karl Beamerand Professor Ken Wilson who teach in the Art Department of Bloomsburg StateUniversity.

In May of 1991, as a result of his contacts here, Mr. Depo returned to Japanwith Professors Beamer and Wilson, for an extensive visit to my workshop. Asa follow-up to that visit, I was invited to Bloomsburg State University as anartist-in-residence during September, 1991.

In September, 1992 I once again visited Bloomsburg. I was returning homefrom Munich, Germany where I had just had an exhibition of my work. Duringmy visit with Mr. and Mrs. Karl Beamer I was touched by their kindness andgenuine good will. And as a result of our time together, I made a decisionto build an Anagama kiln in Bloomsburg.

In April, 1993 I built my Anagama kiln on the side of a hill on Karl Beamer'sproperty. I named the kiln the "Kanzaki-Beamer Kiln". We had our firstfiring in May, 1993. On the day of the unloading, more than 200 persons cameto see my works, including some Japanese collectors, and Mr. Jack Troy (who has introduced and featured the Kanzaki-Beamer Kiln in hisrecently-published book "Wood-fired Stoneware and Porcelain").

During September, 1995 I had the second firing at the Kanzaki-Beamer Kiln. In the firing were works made by Mr. Peter Voulkos, Ms. Toshiko Takaezu, Mr.Karl Beamer, and myself. I should also note that Mr. Peter Callas also cameto the firing to help us.

As I indicated earlier, I met Mr. Depo via Biwa-Com. And as a result of thatmeeting, I have been fortunate to develop many friendships, and especiallythe friendship I have made with my American brother, Karl. It has beenwonderful.

It is my hope that by developing an Internet home page, I might increase my opportunities to meet and talk with many more people all over the world. And additionally, I would like those of you from all over the world, to beable to see my friends' works. I think of them as my teachers. These arethe reasons I have established this home page.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the many kindnesses whichI have received from the persons whose names I have already mentioned. And Iam grateful to Mr. Dick Lehman for his assistance as I worked at establishingthis home page.

Welcome to this home page!

Shiho Kanzaki